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Assessment of Work in Progress and Cost to Complete

Certification of progress payments - allows developers and financier's piece of mind in knowing that funds expended on the project do not, at any time, exceed the value of work completed on the site.

Variation management - calculation and finalisation of variation costs with the parties involved, to ensure you do not pay more than the true value of the work.

Cost reporting - analysis of project costs in order to predict the final project cost. Cost - to - complete reports are a powerful component of risk management.

AQS have completed various significant Sunshine Coast building projects.

Tax depreciation Sunshine Coast news:

Building Allowances (Division 43 ITAA 1997)

Income producing buildings can be eligible for building allowances, provided construction commenced after 17 July 1985, or in the case of short term travellers accommodation after 20 August 1979. The rate of write-off is either 2.5% p.a. or 4% per annum dependent upon construction commencement date and use.

Building allowances apply to the overall qualifying component of the original or refurbishment construction cost. These are calculated from the date of completion of construction (excluding the cost of all plant and non-eligible items).

We offer owners of income producing properties in the Sunshine Coast, Tax Depreciation Schedules detailing a yearly allowance breakdown for a period of ten years, commencing from date of settlement. Our fee is fully tax deductible. Please phone Bobby le Roux on (07) 5473 9926 or email to to obtain an information sheet and obligation free quotation. We service the entire Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas.