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Tax Depreciation Sunshine Coast Buderim

Tax depreciation for a house in Noosa

There are always one or two things that end up being really important to voters come election time, and tax depreciation was very much on the minds of those who cast a ballot in the Noosa Sunshine Coast mayoral race. The impact of changes to the tax depreciation that may be claimed on your investment house in Noosa Sunshine Coast or in fact Buderim is significant to a lot of voters. Each of the three candidates – Tony Wellington, Sandy Bolton, and Ray Kelly – were well aware of the importance of this issue, which was why they all took time to lay out their plans ahead of the final vote. Buderim & other areas of the Sunshine Coast will be impacted by this vote as well. While you certainly cannot please everyone all the time, you can certainly do your best to put together ideas that the majority can live with.

Cr Wellington certainly brought a wealth of experience into the equation, as he has played a major role in making sure that Noosa gets a major, if not final, say in large developments that impact the region. He has worked hard to ensure that the Sunshine Coast Council is not the one pulling all the strings when it comes to developments affecting Noosa and its residents, and he went out of his way to make sure that voters were well aware of this fact. Environmental compliance was also listed as being high on his importance list, which is huge when you consider just how important that is not just for Noosa residents, but Australians as a whole.

Tax Depreciation Sunshine Coast Buderim

Cr Bolton may not have the same level of experience, but she certainly seemed to have a head for figures when putting together her mayoral proposal. Her goal was to ensure that budgets were strictly adhered to when putting together a new planning scheme, whilst also making sure that no-one was excluded when planning for Noosa’s future. That would include allowing community groups to voice an opinion that Cr Bolton believes has not been a part of the process until now.

Cr Weeks has been a council member for 23 years, and his focus was on making sure that any future plans made would in fact be carried out in a timely fashion. He pointed out that a new tax depreciation schedule had been agreed upon back in 2008, but that it was yet to be fully implemented, which is not something that helps businesses and property investors in the area. Essentially, the tax depreciation for a home in Buderim is the same today as it was back in 2008, despite a new schedule being agreed upon back in that time.

These are three very different approaches to the same subject, and while the voter’s decision will not be based on this one subject, it will play a major role in deciding which way people go. People like to see fiscal responsibility and community groups having a say in things that affect Noosa, but they also want to be sure that any proposed changes will in fact be put into play as quickly as possible. It remains to be seen if any of the candidates will be able to deliver on their promises should they in fact become mayor.

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