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Construction Cost Consulting Sunshine Coast

‘Construction Cost Consulting’ is the process and activity of determining the costs associated with a Sunshine Coast construction project, and is usually performed by Quantity Surveyors

Construction Cost Consulting Experts – AQS

At AQS, our expertise is hard won, through years of experience managing hundreds of projects. Our aim is to drive efficiency at every stage of our projects, constantly striking the right balance between quality and cost. Our cost management service provides independent, impartial, specialist advice on the full scope of construction costs throughout the life cycle of projects.

AQS strive to adopt a modern approach to construction cost consulting and is consistently peer review ranked in the top 5 firms on the Sunshine Coast. We engage with design teams and manage projects to achieve best possible value from construction costs.

Depth and breadth of expertise
The AQS cost consultancy team brings a depth of knowledge and expertise to every project across many sectors. We work in various industry sectors, from commercial to residential, and with various builder and developers. Surveys show that on large or small projects, our teams and leadership remain accessible and engaged, and every question from our clients is answered quickly and sufficiently.

A partner in managing your costs
We have an extensive track record of working in partnership with clients, consultants and contractors in both the private and public sector, including on framework programmes. Our people are central to the development of client partnerships, helping to negotiate commercial terms with contractors and suppliers so that risks and rewards are shared.

Proactive in reporting costs
Our proactive position ensures the best value for our clients, whether we are providing high-level strategic cost advice, project cost management through the lifecycle, or advising on landlord-tenant negotiations or taxation. By identifying costs and risks early in the project cycle, we influence these factors for the benefit of the client.

Information focused on client needs
We know the marketplace, so our clients can rely on receiving astute, accurate proposals to support their business decisions. We continually challenge our service offer to ensure it meets our clients’ requirements.

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