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What is Tax Depreciation Capital Expenses

Tax Depreciation – Sunshine Coast – Birtinya – Capital Expenses For the most part, you cannot deduct spending on your assets immediately as it must happen over time. Effective use of tax depreciation on capital expenses, whether you run a business in Birtinya, on the Sunshine Coast, or anywhere in Australia starts by understanding how it works. Depreciation applies if you run a business, have employees who use their own tools and equipment, or invest in real estate properties.

Most assets will depreciate over time. The exceptions include trading stocks, intangible assets, and land which tends to grow in value over time in most cases. Otherwise, a depreciating asset is generally one that can age, i.e. property:  units, houses &  shops, or is surpassed by new technology such as tools, devices, equipment, and the like.

How Depreciation Works

Basically, you own the asset to be entitled to deductions based on depreciation. However, if you engage in a hire purchase arrangement, then the hire and not the owner can benefit from the depreciation. This should not be confused with deductions of business partnerships where the partnership itself and not the individual owners will benefit.

To properly deduct from a depreciating asset, you have to record its original cost and any expenses due to transportation, instillation, and any repairs that are carried out when the asset was installed.

For assets that have aged or been surpassed by new technologies, you can use the general rules of depreciation to calculate their new value. You can usually write off the following.

- Items Valued up to $100 that Earn Income

- Items Valued up to $300 that Earn Income apart from the Business

The latter generally includes tools and equipment provided by the employees. In addition, smaller businesses may be able to write off more than $100 for items that they own which earn income. Apart from the instant write-off, there are other rules at work. What is Tax Depreciation Capital Expenses

Property Investors End of Financial Year Depreciation Sunshine Coast

Property Investors Sunshine Coast

With property investors looking at changes to the tax laws as the Pandemic evolves, there is still good reason to hope for the future. This is because property investment is not short-term, but rather a long-term commitment that will experience many changes along the way.

As the end of the financial year draws near, Accord QS is here to provide advice and insight for those who are considering becoming Sunshine Coast property investors. With June 30th around the corner, worries about possible tax hikes and other issues may cloud your judgement as to what actions are the right ones to take.

Lower your taxes

One such issue is finding ways to lower your taxes for this year which may reduce what you pay next year as well. With new tax rules that may start applying on July 1st, here are a few tips that will help lower the taxes you pay today.

Prepaying the interest: tax depreciation deduction

Prepaying the interest on your investment loan is a simple way to get a tax deduction. The only downside is that if interest rates are on their way down, you may lose money in the process. You’ll want to look over the information that is available, such as the Rental Properties Guide from ATO. This will explain what you can and cannot claim.


From the carpets in your home to the garden gnomes that sit in your yard, your property may be filled with tax deduction possibilities. Getting a depreciation report may be the best money you spend as a property investor since you might be able to save far more on your taxes. Even the report itself is tax deductible, although keep in mind that second-hand deductions are no longer allowed. Contact Bobby for clarification. More...

Tax Depreciation Sunshine Coast Second Hand Property

Sunshine Coast Tax Depreciation SchedulesRecent changes to the laws concerning second-hand property have led some Sunshine Coast investors to ask whether they can still claim tax depreciation on their purchase.  Since 1987, renovations that were performed by the previous owner are offering considerable results for those who invest in the property. The new laws have changed little in that regard with only a relative few being advised that purchasing property that was established before 1987 without renovations that it’s not worth the trouble.

Advantages of Second-Hand Property

The deductions generated from this type of property comes from Division 43. This means that the property itself has been improved by the previous owner, such as new roofing, floorboards, etc. The improvements may amount to thousands in tax depreciation deductions over 40 years of owning the property. It’s little wonder that so many investors are looking to purchase properties with improvements.
The new Division 40 allows investors to claim depreciations for improvements they have done themselves, such as new carpeting, certain appliances, blinds, and so forth. For the Sunshine Coast property investor who has purchased property that already has improvements, the main difference the new laws make is that the depreciation is claimed at the end of the process, not the beginning. More...

Tax Depreciation Schedule

Sunshine Coast Tax Depreciation SchedulesYour professional quantity surveyor will create a tax depreciation schedule that will essentially reimburse you for the depreciation of all the relevant pieces in your property.

No matter what sort of state the economy of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland looks like, the one thing that investors can always rely on is real estate. When you purchase a rental property, you are making a long term investment for the future. Sure, property values may go up and down depending on the current economical climate, but over time, those values always find a way to creep up and prove to be a solid investment. Being a successful real estate investor means getting some professional help along the way, with a property manager and a quantity surveyor just two of the people who should be on your books. If you are looking at buying a house on the Sunshine Coast you treally must engage a qualified building inspector. More...

Tax Depreciation Report Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Property DepreciationAn investment property represents a fantastic way to make money, but it can also become a bit of a money pit if you don’t know what you are doing. Renting out the property for a price that brings in a profit is just half the battle, as that can all be lost when tax time rolls around. Property owners in the Sunshine Coast and beyond need to look at preparing a tax depreciation report, as that will help them recover a good portion of the losses that they might ordinarily take as parts of their property begin to age.

The tax depreciation report should be done if you are the owner of an investment property, with claims able to be made each year for a period of 40 years. There are all sorts of different things that can be claimed through depreciation, and is usually dependent on the type of building that you own. It stands to reason that if you own a commercial or industrial property, you will be claiming for different things than you would in a residential property. It can get a little confusing, which is why it’s always a good idea to use the services of a professional quantity surveyor. More...

Tax Depreciation Report Mooloolaba Sunshine Coast

Mooloolaba house Sunshine CoastNo-one ever buys an investment property in hopes that they will end up losing money, yet there are a lot of people who do just that because they didn’t ask the right questions going in. Was the property in a location that was desirable to renters, was it set at a price that was on par with other rental properties in the area, and did the owner get as much out of the investment as the law allowed? That last question in particular is one that property investors need an answer to, as many of them leave money on the table come tax time.

If you own a car for work, you probably already know that you can claim on the wear and tear of said vehicle when having your taxes done. The same rules apply for your rental properties in Mooloolaba and all other areas of the Sunshine Coast, as you can claim tax depreciation on certain items within your investment property. There are some investors who are aware of this deduction, and who try to do it on their own, but if you get it wrong, you could still end up losing money. More...

Tax Depreciation Schedule Sunshine Coast

Beach house Sunshine CoastIt’s easy to think of reality TV as nothing more than meaningless entertainment, but there can be times when there are lessons to be learned. If you are interested in acquiring an investment property, you will quickly learn that there is more to the process than just picking a nice place in a prime location.

The tax depreciation schedule Sunshine Coast is going to be something that is important to you as an investor, as it can mean more money in your pocket. The 2016 season of the Channel 9 show “The Block” showed just how important tax depreciation can be. More...

Tax depreciation tips - What rental property investors can claim

Tax tips for rental propertiesSydney, Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast are in the midst of a real estate boom that has seen a lot of people become property investors overnight. A beach shack in Coolum has just sold at auction $35,000 over the reserve price. While owning rental property is an exciting enterprise, it is one that comes with a bit of a learning curve, especially once tax time rolls around in Australia. Tax laws are not written to be easy to understand, and that can leave many investors unsure of what they can and cannot claim. It’s always smart to leave your tax filing to the pros, but let’s take a quick look at some of the items that can and cannot be claimed.More...

House Noosa Sunshine Coast

Tax depreciation investment property Noosa

People buy into an investment property for a variety of different reasons, but they all share the hope that the building they get will be profitable for as long as they own it. While renting out the property to a good tenant is always a good thing, it’s also important that investors don’t leave money on the table, which means having an understanding of tax depreciation. Everyone is well aware that buildings, as well as the fixtures inside them, deteriorate over time, but it’s not every Noosa and Sunshine Coast area property investor who is aware that those items can be claimed come tax time. More...

Investment property Peregian Sunshine Coast

Tax depreciation

If you own an investment property, or plan on owning one, you need to be aware of the ways in which your investment can be a profitable one. The one thing that property owners often overlook is the depreciation of their building and equipment, which can end up costing them money. Being aware of the tax depreciation schedule and the entitlements available to you are crucial when investing in property, and while it may all seem a little complicated, it can be broken down into two main categories: capital allowances (Division 43) and Plant and equipment items (Division 40). More...

Investment House Buderim Sunshine Coast

Tax depreciation
property Buderim

The sad reality of life is that you can’t make money without having to pay taxes, but the good news for property investors is that there are tax deductions that can cushion the blow a bit. One of the biggest of these deductions is for tax depreciation, as it is understood that every property will need work done and items replaced over the years. These are all things that depreciate over time, which is why investment property owners can catch a break on the income they make from their properties. More...

Sunshine Coast House

House loan
tax depreciation
Sunshine Coast

Most people are of the impression that retirees are all looking to downsize in their later years, but there are actually all kinds of reasons why they may want to move to a larger or more expensive home. The good news for people in that group is that it can be done if they have sizeable home equity, and then combine that with a reverse mortgage. Many retirees have long since paid off their house loan, and can use the aforementioned technique to move into a pricier than the one they are currently in, and all without being saddled with a hefty mortgage. In many cases, the retirees will actually come out of the deal with some of the equity from their old home still in their pocket. More...

Tax deductions from property depreciation

Tax deductions property depreciation Sunshine Coast

EOFY Cost of Building a House Sunshine Coast, Wurtulla, Bokarina, Birtinya

You don’t need to wait for the end of the financial year (EOFY), for investment property owners to start thinking about possible tax deductions from property depreciation on the properties that they own. While many investors and homeowners already know about the cost of building a house Sunshine Coast, they may not be so up to speed on what the Australian Tax Office will recognise in terms of depreciation claims. This is something that should be learned as soon as possible, as it can often be the difference between properties turning a profit and taking a loss in Wurtulla, Bokarina, Birtinya, and other parts of the Sunshine Coast. More...

Sinking Fund Sunshine Coast

Sinking Fund
Forecasting Sunshine Coast

What the average person may not be aware of is that corporations set aside a certain amount of money that will help them pay for future capital expenses, such as upgrades to the workplace, and other cosmetic changes. This is known as a sinking fund, and forecasting how much should be set aside to cover these potential upgrades is just one of the services performed by a quantity surveyor. Sinking fund forecasting Sunshine Coast, as well as all across Australia, becomes incredibly important in a market that is not performing as well as hoped. More...

Tax Depreciation Sunshine Coast Noosa

for a house in Noosa

There are always one or two things that end up being really important to voters come election time, and tax depreciation was very much on the minds of those who cast a ballot in the Noosa Sunshine Coast mayoral race.

The impact of changes to the tax depreciation that may be claimed on your investment house in Noosa Sunshine Coast or in fact Buderim is significant to a lot of voters. Each of the three candidates – Tony Wellington, Sandy Bolton, and Ray Kelly – were well aware of the importance of this issue, which was why they all took time to lay out their plans ahead of the final vote.

Buderim & other areas of the Sunshine Coast will be impacted by this vote as well. While you certainly cannot please everyone all the time, you can certainly do your best to put together ideas that the majority can live with. More...

Tax Depreciation Sunshine Coast on Investment Properties

Tax Depreciation Sunshine Coast Properties Investment

The government and the opposition seem to be leaning towards an agreement on making changes to negative gearing, which many believe will be the death of tax depreciation on investment properties.

There is still a lot of debate going on, so it is unclear yet as to how the final changes will end up impacting property investors who use tax depreciation to offset some of their losses. The opposition in particular views this practice as a way for investors to save money at the expense of the government, hence the call for change.

Regardless of the changes made to negative gearing, it is going to have some effect on the depreciation, leaving property investors in the Sunshine Coast and other parts of the country wondering whether it is worth claiming depreciation at all.

The feeling is that claiming tax depreciation Sunshine Coast this year won’t affect income More...

Business sales Sunshine Coast

Investment properties a stepping stone to first home

This is not necessarily a good time for first time buyers to dip their toe into home ownership, as rising property values have left slim pickings for anyone who doesn’t want to have a massive mortgage hanging over their heads at the first time of asking.

While it may seem that home ownership is out of reach, the fact of the matter is that investment properties still serve as an excellent stepping stone for first time buyers. It is possible to feel as though you are still paying rent, yet have access to a property that would otherwise been well out of reach financially. More...


Business sales Sunshine Coast

Tax depreciation sell small business Sunshine Coast

Owning a small business on the Sunshine Coast is a truly rewarding experience, but there usually comes a time when selling is the right thing to do.

It may well be that you don’t have the time to devote to it, or perhaps you are looking at bigger and better things. Whatever the reason, selling isn’t as straightforward as agreeing on a price, signing a few papers, and then handing the keys over. There are a number of consideration that need to be taken into account, not the least of which is the tax implications that come with the sale. More...