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Residential Property Rental Tax Depreciation Sunshine Coast

Residential Property Rental Tax Depreciation Sunshine Coast All things, even rental real estate residential property will depreciate over time. For those who rent property along the Sunshine Coast, understanding how tax depreciation works for rental properties may save you money come tax time.

There are free rental property depreciation calculators that allow you to quickly discover how much money you might save when using tax depreciation. This can provide a fast way to know a rough figure on how much you can deduct from your annual taxes if you rent property. Please see our Quantity Surveyor Frequent Questions.

Who Should Use a Rental Property Depreciation Calculator?

If you own one or more rental properties, then you should use the calculator to determine the basic amount that might be saved using tax depreciation. Investors who should consider a calculator include those who own the following.

  • - Single Family Homes, Vacation Rental Properties, or Condos
  • - Multifamily Properties
  • - Commercial Business Owners: Who occupy their property
  • - Commercial Real Estate Investors: Who owns income-producing properties

A real estate investor will want to use the calculator to determine the depreciation based on improvements made to their properties. This may include roof replacement, renovation of bathrooms or the kitchen, and other qualified improvements.

Any improvements you make may qualify for a tax deduction. But you will need to check first with a tax professional to ensure that it qualifies. Complete a claim on Residential Property: HOUSES. Use this link for UNITS and APARTMENTS.

Benefits and Issues of Using Residential Rental Property Tax Depreciation

There are considerable pros and cons to taking advantage of property depreciation on your tax forms. Perhaps the most prominent benefit is the money saved can be used to help maintain the property. Keep in mind that improvements to your property can also be written off your taxes.

Another benefit is that you can offset the cost that the normal wear and tear on your property undergoes over time. In other words, as the property becomes older, it not only becomes less desirable to rent it becomes harder to keep up. And such depreciation may produce an annual loss that can be deducted against your rental income.

It is best to consult with the Quantity Surveyors Sunshine Coast who are experts in property depreciation.

Property Depreciation If You Sell

However, there are some issues to using property depreciation that you need to be aware. First and foremost, if you decide to sell the property, you will have to pay back some of the savings on your taxes that came from depreciation. Called depreciation recapture, this may be a significant amount of money.

Another con is that it can be difficult to fully understand how depreciation works and making an accurate calculation. Part of this is knowing what types of improvements qualify for depreciation. For example, depreciation does not apply to your personal residence. Also, repairs on the property such as fixing a broken window also cannot be deducted.

Tax depreciation for residential rental property can be quite complex. The calculations may also be quite daunting as well. You can use a free depreciation calculator to provide an estimate of what savings may be garnered. But if you plan on selling your rental real estate in the Sunshine Coast or anywhere in Australia, you probably want to avoid using such tax benefits at least for that year.

Sunshine Coast residential property owners can save money with tax depreciation applied correctly to their return. Contact Bobby. Bobby is a qualified professional with local knowledge.