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Bills of Quantity

The value of a Bill of Quantities (BoQ) in effective cost control and contract administration cannot be underestimated. During the preparation of your BoQ, omissions and discrepancies on the contract documentation are identified and pointed out to the designers. Corrections can therefore be made before tendering.

This will reduce variation claims from the successful tender and ensure the accepted contract sum reflects the full scope of works.

A BoQ is used to obtain competitive prices from builders on an equal basis. A BoQ is an effective tool in the assessment of progress claims, variations and final accounts. A BoQ can reduce tender prices by 2 - 5 % and the cost of variations by 13%.

AQS have completed various significant Sunshine Coast building projects.

Tax depreciation Sunshine Coast news:

Property tax allowances are a valuable aspect of any property investment due to their ability to enhance an investor's return and produce a better cash flow. However, a high level of expertise is required to ensure that investors obtain maximum allowable entitlements.

What are property tax allowances?

Property tax allowances form part of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (hereafter called 'the Act') and provide an opportunity for owners of income producing property to reduce their assessable income. There are a number of property tax allowances available to property owners, investors, and developers, including allowances for building structure and depreciation on plant items. Property tax allowances are often simply referred to as Tax Depreciation.

We offer owners of income producing properties in the Sunshine Coast, Tax Depreciation Schedules detailing a yearly allowance breakdown for a period of ten years, commencing from date of settlement. Our fee is fully tax deductible. Please phone Bobby le Roux on (07) 5473 9926 or email to to obtain an information sheet and obligation free quotation. We service the entire Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas.